Tree of no Return

by Tusk

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Released in 2004 on Tortuga Recordings.


released August 24, 2004

Written and performed by Tusk.
Larry Herweg - drums
Laurent Lebec - bass
Trevor de Brauw - guitar, banjo, bowed mandolin, keyboards
Jody Minnoch - vocals, keyboards, recorded, tamborine, shaker
with Noam Belkind - keyboards, theremin, noise devices
Recorded in the Winter and Summer of 2003 at Studio Greg Studios II by Greg Norman.
Mastered by John Golden.



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Tusk Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Tree of no Return
A derelict loose on the Black Mount Trail from the low road west up high where the lone wind wail. 'Tween endless walls of forest stretching miles overhead walk a recluse shadow, hunt for a place to bed. Then the trees stood parted on towering walls of far stone ridge where none could see in, but all could be seen. Brush, bramble, and saw-toothed rock made rough the way to this hidden lair. Mountain trek deeper. Direction long lost. Mutant woodland thicker. Awash on nameless hours when arose a mammoth horror - his blood was froze. Primordial ribwork, gateway expanse. Inner caverns 'low gnarled branch. Skeletine labyrinth of poison limbs crook hellward from every which. Tree of no return. Death's head watching waits its turn. Dread whispers, the nomad turns to run, run, run, scramble in fright. Panic leads, body follows. Step falters in jutting hollow. Sprawling forth, skull will crack. Blood will flow, all goes black.
Track Name: the rising terror, the setting sun
Conscious comes to creep back in, all fire eyes and buzzing head. He wallow like a floating corpse and roll his shockwaved eyes to rest again on those hexed limbs. The rising terror, the setting sun. The rising terror, there's nowhere to run. Nowhere to run. Nowhere.
Track Name: Starvation Dementia
Black swarms cut the moon apart. Leather wings carry rabid heart. Skyward hordes o're moon swept wood. Wraiths of madness from blackest earth. Lunarscape shown bright, now gone. Nowhere lands orbit on. Unseen rissoth stir about. Hidden something, crawling sounds whipper out there from a rock, scrathing round tree bark. Titter goes the hidden sprite when tomb sounds go out underground. Mist wolf eyes prowl. Cavern eyes stare. Skull eyes on the cliff see mountain creep there. Starvation Dementia to end it all at death's last door. Splinter mind melt unwound, haunted tremoring down to starvation dementia to end it all at Death's last door. Last patch work fuzzing out, ride the tunnel worm you void hollows. Animal parts mange and rot chase 'longside hiss and yarp. All around the pool aglisten from every cascading rock skittered hindlegged creatures, all blackbead eyes lolling springlike this now that. Luminescent was the scene, silver tinged and shimmer green. No more feeling like a human being. Necron spider limbs rattle along herky jerkey from wilderness to beyond. No more feeling like a human being. No more.